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Our Story

We are a social enterprise based in Malaysia dedicated to improving people’s health by making it EASY to transition to a plant-based diet.

"This is too good to be true! Plant-based diets can prevent disease and extend people’s lives? AND have shown the power to treat chronic conditions, like diabetes and heart disease, that most doctors say are irreversible? AND it can help fight climate change? It must be a marketing ploy! If plant-based diets could achieve such phenomenal results two things should be true; 1. We would all already know about it, and 2. Every health professional and organization would be recommending it."

That is what our co-founder thought when he was first introduced to plant-based diets, and the claims of their effectiveness. He is a born sceptic, and eagerly jumped into figuring out the science behind the claims. If plant-based diets are so healthy, why does nearly every health organization in the world recommend a diet with plenty of healthy animal proteins?

And so, his search started – to figure out the science supporting plant-based diets. He watched the Netflix documentaries that everybody recommended. Good stories, but also made for entertainment purposes and their shock value. Then he started to research the academic literature in respected medical journals, read books on nutrition, and even take nutrition courses online. And to his great surprise, the deeper he dug, the more and more evidence he found supporting plant-based diets.

Impressed, but not convinced, he decided to put it to the test…on himself, a burger and pepperoni pizza-loving American who had come to love the nasi lemak, ayam goreng, assam laksa, nasi kandar, etc of Malaysia, his adopted home for the past 10 years. He decided to commit 100% for a couple weeks to a whole food plant-based diet – focusing on unprocessed plant foods which meant no animal products and eating a minimum of oil, sugar, and salt. He started the next day. 


And something amazing happened. Within a few days, his energy levels went up, he started to shed weight, his joint pain and heart burn problems went away – he felt GREAT!  So good that he did not go back to his normal diet after that first couple weeks and continues to eat this way until today.

It was such a powerful experience that he could not help but tell his friends and family that were suffering from weight issues and chronic diseases. Some of them, his own diabetic father included, decided to give it a try. And they also achieved amazing results. BUT…his friends in Malaysia did not find the switch as easy as his American family. WHY?

In the U.S., plant-based doctors are easy to find for advice; plant-based nutritionists and coaches can help with meal planning; plant-based food products and delivery services are cheap and widespread; thousands of simple and delicious plant-based recipes catering to Western tastes are just a Google search away. Switching to a plant-based diet is EASY in the U.S. or Europe.

But it is NOT EASY in Malaysia or Southeast Asia. It is difficult to find doctors, nutritionists, and coaches experienced in plant-based diets; hard to find affordable, convenient, and tasty health foods; plant-based recipes for dishes that cater to Malaysian tastes are not easy to find. What a pity! A plant-based diet could help millions of people in Malaysia and SE Asia address their chronic diseases, weight issues,  and optimize their health, but sadly, it is just too difficult for most people.

This problem really bothered our co-founder, so he talked with his business partners about what could be done. How to make it easy for friends and family in Asia to transition to this life-changing diet? And so, Plant-Based Health Alliance was born - a social enterprise dedicated to improving people’s health by making it EASY to transition to a plant-based diet.

To make this vision a reality, we are bringing together a group of like-minded doctors, nutritionists, health coaches, restaurants, and chefs to help people learn about plant-based diets and support them in their journeys to live healthier, happier, and longer lives. Because a plant-based diet could CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Want to learn more? Reach out through the CONTACT below. We would love to support you.

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Registration Number: 202001012947 (1369267-D)


Contact Number: +60 11 1227 1558 (WhatsApp only)



Address: 3A-01A, Glo Damansara, 699, Jalan Damansara, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

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