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Evidence-based Program for Weight Loss and Your Wellbeing

Perfect Plan to Cleanse Your Body and Mind

Eat as much as you want. A healthy meal plan curated by doctors and nutritionist. 
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Dr. P. Vythilingam

AMN, AMS, MBBS (Mysore), LFOM (Ireland)


20 years experience helping patients improve health through nutrition

We have seen amazing results with past participants.
  • Average 20% drop in total and LDL (bad) cholesterol.

  • Some lose 5+ kg in 2 weeks. Average 2 - 3kg weight loss for overweight individuals.

  • Improvements in blood pressure, blood sugar, skin condition, and energy levels.

  • Patients have put diabetes into remission (back to normal A1c levels). 

Eat the right food to REGAIN HEALTH!

Clean Eating Program

What's in it for you?
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Manage and treat chronic illnesses like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes with a personalized plant-based meal plan.

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Lose weight in a healthy manner & eat as much as you want with our evidence-based, easy-to-follow program.

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Enjoy popular Malaysians dishes that we've reconstructed into plant-based meals that are not only delicious but also nutritious and low in calories.

Our Partners and Customers

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Quinoa Salad
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7-day Clean Eating Challenge
14-day Clean Eating Challenge


  1. Before & after blood tests (Bangsar, PJ, Ampang, Shah Alam, Sentul. Arrangement made after payment).

  2. Doctor consultations (via Zoom).

  3. Guide with Food Tips & Recipes.

  4. 2 meals (lunch & dinner) sent daily to your home or office.

  5. WhatsApp support group that includes plant-based experts: doctors, nutritionists, health coaches, and chefs to answer your questions.

  6. Access to our health community upon completion of the Challenge!




Shah Alam

My wife convinced me to give the Challenge a try. I wanted to lose weight, improve my cholesterol, and better manage my diabetes. To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to 'healthy' eating - not something enjoyable. But hats off to the chefs. The food was varied and tasty...and made for Malaysians. Didn't think I would be eating Nasi Lemak, Biryani, etc. I was even more surprised when I got my blood test results. In just 2 weeks I saw significant improvement in blood markers across the board. AND I lost 6kg. Very HAPPY!

I went through the Challenge with my parents and a couple of friends. Personally, I was looking to improve my cholesterol, and I did see a significant drop in 2 weeks. I also lost weight and body fat. The food was also delicious. Plant based doesn't have to be boring!


If you are looking for a change in your health, just try it out. 


Kuala Lumpur

Delivery Area for the Program

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- What time is delivery? - Delivery window is 10:30am - 12:30pm. Lunch and dinner are delivered together during that window.

- Can you deliver to different addresses on different days? - Yes, just let us know your delivery locations and schedule at sign-up
- Can I change my delivery address? - Yes, just inform our operations team (+6011-1227 1558) 24 hours in advance. 

- Who can I contact about delivery? - WhatsApp our operations team at +6011-1227 1558.

- Are delivery containers eco-friendly? - Yes, our delivery containers are made from cornstarch and are biodegradable.


- What are your food guidelines? - We focus on nutritious and balanced meals consisting of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, mushrooms, nuts, and seeds. We avoid processed foods, additives, preservatives and sugar. And use minimal salt and oil. 
- Do you cater to allergies or customize meals? - We can cater to certain requests, but are unable to individualize each meal. Please contact Tim at +6012-288 9316 with any questions.
- How do I reheat the food? - You can use a microwave to reheat the meals. Containers are microwave-friendly. Alternatively, remove from container and re-heat on stovetop (steam or in sauce pan).

- What can I eat for breakfast & snacks? - Upon signing up, you'll be sent a guide with breakfast & snack suggestions.
- How about intermittent fasting? - Yes, you can practice intermittent fasting during the Challenge.

Blood Tests & Doctor Consultations

- Where and when can blood tests be done? - Blood tests can be done any Monday to Saturday before the Challenge starts. Below are the blood test locations. 
   - Gribbles HQ in PJ (map link)
   - Pantai Hospital Bangsar (map link)
   - Pantai Hospital Ampang (map link
   - Klinik Raj dan Rakan Rakan, Sentul (map link)
   - Klinik Shah Alam (map link)

- How do I arrange my blood test? - A form will be e-mailed to you when you sign up. Just fill it out an our team will arrange.
- Can I skip the blood tests? - The experience is best when you see evidence of improvement from your blood tests. However, you can skip the blood tests if you like. If you have a recent blood test, you can use that as your 'before' blood test. 

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