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What is PB Challenge?

Our program helps you get started and guides you on a new health journey - starting with 7 days or 14 days of clean eating. We provide you with healthy and tasty plant-based meals that are carefully curated by a team of doctors, nutritionist and chefs

Over 200 people have successfully completed our PB Challenge and we're excited to share the amazing results with you!

7-day Challenge

14-day  Challenge

Total cholesterol (Ideal level < 5.2 mmol/L)



(15.2% ↓



(18.2% ↓



(18.8% ↓

(21.6% ↓

LDL cholesterol (Ideal level < 2.58 mmol/L)



Triglycerides (Ideal level < 1.7 mmol/L)



(11.7% ↓



(16.6% ↓



(5.3% ↓

(5.5% ↓

Fasting blood sugar level (Ideal level < 5.5 mmol/L)



Weight (kg)



(2.4% ↓



(2.9% ↓

(The numbers are the average of all participants' records)

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How does PB Challenge work?

  • Daily lunch and dinner are delivered to participants throughout the program.

  • Breakfast guidelines are provided so participants can prepare for themselves.

  • There is a consultation session with a doctor after the challenge.

  • Participants can communicate with the doctors and the organizer at any time through WhatsApp.

  • Blood tests will be conducted before and after the challenge to measure the effects of eating clean.

When does PB Challenge kick off?

Year 2021

Now - 21 Apr

14-Day Challenge

7-Day Challenge

Application is open to the public 

Year 2021

Now - 21 Apr

19 - 24 Apr

Participants take a blood test & prepare for Challenge

19 - 24 Apr

24 Apr

A live online orientation for both 14-day & 7-day challenge participants

24 Apr

25 Apr - 8 May

The 14-day challenge starts!

The 7-day challenge starts! 

25 Apr - 1 May

8 May (TBC)

A live online closing session with all participants

8 May (TBC)

Who is PB Challenge for?

PB Challenge is open to any adult residing in the KL / PJ / Subang / Puchong / Shah Alam areas who would like to experience the amazing benefits of plant-based nutrition.

Participation is limited to 25 people for each challenge (7-day & 14-day) on a first-come, first-served basis. A separate selection process by our medical team will also follow once application is made.


The current program is not suitable for physically & mentally challenged individuals, pregnant women and those with food allergies to nuts, soya, etc.

How much is the program?

This program is sponsored by volunteers who believe in the social mission of improving health in Malaysia. The price is on a cost recovery basis, and the challenge is a non-profit program.

  • RM890 for the 14-day challenge 

  • RM490 for the 7-day challenge 


The program includes​

  • All lunches and dinners prepared by celebrity Chef Dave during the challenge

  • Daily delivery to your office or home

  • Two blood tests and medical consultations 

  • Online orientation and in-person closing session with doctor consultation

  • Continuous online support 

Register for the next challenge starting from 25 April or to find out more information about it!

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What do past participants say about our PB Challenge?

Who are the people behind this amazing program?

Chef Dave

A Malaysian vegan celebrity chef who created sensational videos with various plant-based Malaysian cuisine

Chef Serene

A certified plant-based chef passionate about healthy eating and crafting delicious meals


A performer, plant-based lifestyle advocate and Healing Diets diploma student under the School of Natural Medicine, UK

Ruha & Enrico

The authors of the upcoming book “Naturally Dietstyle”, the ultimate guide to Holistic Nutrition for health and well-being

Dr Vythi

A family medical practitioner in Sentul and former president of Malaysian Vegetarian Society

Dr Lai

A general practitioner of naturopathic medicines, who advocates healthy plant-based diet for better health

Dr Latchana

A general practitioner in Shah Alam who advocates a whole food plant-based diet for health and fitness


A practitioner of plant-based eating who loves creating social impact through businesses


A business strategist, public speaker and trainer for startups, corporates and universities

Dr Cho

An innovation expert who enjoys designing and building new products and services


A digital marketing expert who is excited to see many Malaysians switching to a healthier diet 


A personal health trainer, a practitioner of plant based diet & Mr. Kuala Lumpur 2017

Dr Jessreen

A general practitioner in Bangsar who encourages people to come together and take control of their health via plant-based diet and an active lifestyle

Faisal & Aina

A couple who advocates plant-based lifestyle for Malaysians to become healthier and happier 


An active mother, who advocates plant-based lifestyles and fitness for Malaysians families, especially children to become healthier and happier.


Any volunteers who want to promote healthy plant-based diet with us, please shoot us an email to info@pbhall.org

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