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7- / 14-Day Plant-Based Cleaning Eating Challenge

31 (Sun) Oct - 13 (Sat) Nov, 2021

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People in our program have been getting amazing results, from weight loss and reduced cholesterol to clearer skin and boosts in energy - all in just a couple weeks of eating healthy and delicious Malaysian cuisine curated by our Chefs and approved by Doctors.

Do you want to see similar results for yourself?

Register today and get up to RM200 early-bird discount!

The program* includes:

  1. Daily lunch and dinner throughout the program.

  2. Meal delivery to your home or work.

  3. Simple yet healthy breakfast recipes and guidelines.

  4. Consultation with a doctor after the challenge.

  5. Ongoing support throughout the program.

  6. Complementary two blood tests before and after. 

Price:  RM490 for 7-Day Challenge & RM890 for 14-Day Challenge

* Only available in the KL / PJ / Subang / Puchong / Shah Alam areas 

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