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Our first clean eating challenge has been successfully completed with amazing results from the participants. 

The second challenge will start from 8 Aug 2020, and is now open for registration.

What is PB Health Activate?

So many of the medical conditions that plague us today - heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc are preventable and treatable through simple diet and lifestyle changes. By just altering what we eat, we have the power to transform our health for the better (to learn more, click here). But most people never start on that journey. That is why we are here. 


Our program helps you get started and guides you on a new health journey - starting with 7 days or 14 days of clean eating. We provide you with healthy and tasty plant-based meals that are carefully curated by a team of doctors and chefs. And for many people, just a week or two is enough to jump-start their journey towards life-long habits that transform their health.

We are passionate about equipping Malaysians with the tools to take back control of their own health. Please join us on this journey!

The first 14-day clean eating challenge has been successfully completed and we're excited to share the amazing results with you!

On average, the 20 participants' total cholesterol level dropped from 5.7mmol/L to 5.1mmol/L within 14 days!

(The ideal level is below 5.2mmol/L)

Their triglycerides dropped from 1.77mmol/L to 1.29mmol/L. 

(The ideal level is below 1.7mmol/L)

The fasting blood sugar level dropped from 5.4mmol/L to 5.1mmol/L. 

(The ideal level is below 5.5mmol/L)

Lastly, the average weight dropped from 90.3kg to 88.0kg while enjoying the delicious plant-based food prepared by our top chefs!

Do you want to see similar results for yourself?

We are now open for the next challenge. 

How does PB Health Activate work?

  • Daily lunch and dinner are delivered to participants by Plant Based Health Alliance, a social enterprise dedicated to improving people's health. Breakfast guidelines are provided so participants can prepare for themselves.

  • There are 2 consultation sessions with a doctor over the challenge days.

  • Participants can communicate with the doctors and the organizer at any time through WhatsApp.

  • Participants are asked to spend about 5 minutes per day recording their daily experience. An easy template will be provided.

  • Blood tests will be conducted before and after the challenge to measure the effects of eating clean.

When does PB Health Activate program kick off?

Year 2020

19 Jul -  2 Aug

Application is open to the public to join PB Health Activate.

3 - 7 Aug

All participants receive an information pack and take a blood test.

8 Aug

An orientation session with all participants, doctors and organizer.

9 - 22 Aug 

The challenge starts! Lunches and dinners are delivered.

16 Aug

A closing session for 7-day challenge participants.

23 Aug

A closing session for 14-day challenge participants.

Who is PB Health Activate for and how much do participants pay?

PB Health Activate is open to any adult residing in the KL / PJ area who would like to experience the amazing benefits of plant-based nutrition.

Participation is limited to 20 people for each challenge (7-day & 14-day). A selection process by our medical team will follow once application is made.


The current program is not suitable for physically & mentally challenged individuals, pregnant women and those with food allergies to nuts, soya, etc.

This program is sponsored by volunteers who believe in the social mission of improving Malaysians' health. The price is on a cost recovery basis, and the challenge is a non-profit program.

  • RM690 for the 14-day challenge

  • RM390 for the 7-day challenge


The program includes​

  • All lunches and dinners during the challenge

  • Food delivery cost during the challenge

  • Two blood tests and medical consultations 

  • Online support, orientation and closing sessions 

Who are the people behind this amazing program?

Chef Dave.jpg

Chef Dave

A Malaysian vegan celebrity chef who created sensational videos with various plant-based Malaysian cuisine

Chef Serene.jpg

Chef Serene

A certified plant-based chef passionate about healthy eating and crafting delicious meals



A performer, plant-based lifestyle advocate and Healing Diets diploma student under the School of Natural Medicine, UK


Ruha & Enrico

The authors of the upcoming book “Naturally Dietstyle”, the ultimate guide to Holistic Nutrition for health and well-being


Dr Vythi

A family medical practitioner in Sentul and former president of Malaysian Vegetarian Society

Dr Mugil.jpg

Dr Mugil

A physician for the past 20 years who practices medicine with an emphasis on diet and nutrition


Dr Latchana

A general practitioner in Shah Alam who advocates a whole food plant-based diet for health and fitness



A practitioner of plant-based eating who loves creating social impact through businesses



A business strategist, public speaker and trainer for startups, corporates and universities


Dr Cho

An innovation expert who enjoys designing and building new products and services



A digital marketing expert who is excited to see many Malaysians  switching to a healthier diet 

Need you.JPG


Anyone who is passionate about improving Malaysians' health through plant-based diet is welcome! Shoot us an email at

If you need more information before signing up, please contact us here.

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