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Healthy and tasty meals are now available at 5-Star Hotel Maya KL!

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Chef Dave is Malaysia's very own vegan celebrity chef who studied in both local and international Culinary Art and Hospitality Management schools (Liverpool John Moores University).

He began his culinary career with the prestigious Shangri-La Group of Hotels in Malaysia before travelling around the world with Disney Cruise Line as a Western cuisine chef. His delicious dishes are now available for dine-in and delivery from Hotel Maya KL.

His mission is to turn all traditional Malaysian foods into delicious plant-based meals and help Malaysians get healthier. He believes that choosing a plant-based food is not a sacrifice but discovering a new joy!

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Meals are available on a rotational basis and each day will have three different dishes.

(RM25 for dine-in at Hotel Maya KL and RM21 for meal delivery)

Meal A: All Time Favourite ABC Soup


Homey Chinese style nourishing soup cooked with potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, onion and sweetcorn

Meal B: Gado Tak Gado


Mixed vegetables, tofu and tempeh served with peanut sauce and blue pea flower nasi impit

Meal C: Greeny North


Thai-inspired green stew with mixed veg served with stir fry kailan and parboiled basmathi rice

Meal A: Lentil Shepherd's Pie


Meal B: Bibimbap Ala Korea


Mixed lentils stew served with purple mashed potatoes and rocket salad

Stir fry spinach, bean sprouts, shiitake mushrooms, pickles, cucumber and carrot served with gochujang (Korean spicy sauce) and brown rice

Meal C: Four Heavenly Queens


Stir fry tofu, green beans, red bell peppers and carrot served with cold wood ear mushroom salad and parboiled basmathi rice

Meal A: Guilt-Free Rendang


Baked potatoes, tempeh and tofu slow cooked in flavourful rendang spice served with braised pucuk manis and parboiled basmathi rice

Meal B: Colorful Superfood Salad


Pinto beans, quinoa, peppers, tomatoes, corn kernels, mesclun lettuce and olives served with citrus pomegranate dressing

Meal C: Creamy Cauliflower


Cauliflower and tofu in creamy coconut lime gravy served with bak choy and glass noodles

Meal A: Three Sister Stew


Meal B: Poppeye's Favorite


Vegetable medley stew of corn, pumpkin and beans served with garden salad and barley

Turmeric marinated tofu on a bed of rich spinach gravy served with braised red spinach and brown rice

Meal C: Nasi Lemak 2.0


Tofu masak merah, cauliflower goreng kunyit and acar jelatah served with tempeh chips, roasted peanuts, and tomato

Meal A: Nyonya Laksa


Meal B: Malaysia-inspired Poke Bowl


Authentic peranakan laksa served with glass noodles, eggplant, long beans, beansprouts, tofu and tempeh accompanied by sambal taucu

Traditional nasi ulam served with assorted ulam, grey oyster mushroom percik and creamy percik sauce

Meal C: Chap Chye Curry


Mixed vegetables served with Malaysian-inspired curry sauce, braised pucuk manis and brown rice

Meal A: Veg Biryani

Slide4 (1).JPG

Meal B: Claypot-inspired Mixed Veg


Vegetables biryani served with mushrooms and green peas masala accompanied by cucumber raita

Mushrooms, tofu, carrot, young corn & broccoli served with silken gravy, stir fry nai pak and brown rice

Meal C: Nasi Kerabu Ala Veg


Grilled eggplant, tofu, and tempeh served with kuah tumis, assorted ulam, coconut floss and blue pea flower rice

Order your healthy and delicious meals for next week

  • You can choose either Meal A, B, C or any combinations.

  • Meals are delivered everyday to your work or home in KL, PJ, Puchong, Subang, Ampang, Cheras and Shah Alam  areas only.

  • The delivery fee is a flat rate of RM4 per delivery.

  • For those who select more than one meal, please note that your meals will be delivered together at lunch time (1100am - 1230pm)

Still Waters Maya.jpg

Dine-in at Still Waters Restaurant, Hotel Maya KL

  • Normal Business Hour: 11.30am to 2.30pm (Lunch) and 6.30pm to 10.00pm (Dinner)

  • Location: Level 1, 138, Jalan Ampang, 50300 Kuala Lumpur (Map)

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Why PB Health Meals?


Delicious & Variety 

Over 40 plant-based meals developed by a 5-star hotel chef



Many people have already experienced health benefits from the menu checked by a plant-based nutritionist 

Easy & Convenient

Lunches and dinners are delivered to your work or home, where ever you are 

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