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1.  I hereby acknowledge that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions as stated in this electronic document before participating in the PB Challenge Program ("Program"), a 14-day clean eating challenge, facilitated by Plant Based Health Alliance Sdn. Bhd. (Co. No. 202001012947)(“PBHALL”).

2.  I agree to take part in the Program over 14 days (“Duration”) and record the health benefits I may derive from the Program and expressly agree to share the same with PBHALL.


3.  I further agree and understand that the process of the Program shall be as following:

a.  I am part of the participants in the Program on my own accord and without any compulsion or promise of any reward;

b.  There will be a panel of medical doctors (“Volunteer Doctors") who will mainly be guiding me and the other participants of the Program which shall consists a pre-approved meal plan for the Duration;

c.  I will faithfully fill in a health questionnaire and undertake a blood test to record my current health conditions. The Volunteer Doctors have negotiated a special discount arrangement with pathology labs to conduct the relevant blood test for the Program, which shall be covered by the program cost;

d.  Before starting the challenge, I will participate in the briefing on the overview of the Program and the Volunteer Doctors shall brief the participants on plant-based food that I will be consuming during the Duration of the Program and its impact to my health. 

e.  PBHALL shall engage 1 restaurant and 1 chef who will be responsible for preparing the meal plan as approved by the Volunteer Doctors and that PBHALL will organize the delivery of the pre-cooked meal to me at the designated location as notified in writing to PBHALL. 

f.  I will consume the pre-cooked meals for lunch & dinner throughout the Duration. The preparation of breakfast and intermediate snack between the meals based on the Volunteer Doctors’ recommendation shall be my responsibility throughout the Program.

g.  I will be added in a closed WhatsApp group and private Facebook Group where I could pose questions or share my experience any time. PBHALL will coordinate with the Volunteer Doctors to respond to my queries in a timely manner.

h.  I shall faithfully spend about 5 minutes per day to record on a daily journal as per the template provided by PBHALL on my eating habits and my health conditions throughout the Duration of the Program.

i.  Prior to the last day of the Program, I shall undergo another blood test with the pathology labs to conduct to evaluate the outcome for the Program.

j. On the last day of the Program, I shall be available to participate with the rest of the participants where the Volunteer Doctors will share their key health findings (where necessary, the Volunteer Doctors shall engage the Participant privately) and also share with me and the participants as how to continue the good habits cultivated during the Program.


4.  I agree to discontinue the Program immediately upon the feeling of any unease, disorientation, or experiencing any lack of well-being or due to any medical reasons that arise during the entire participation of the Program.


5.  I agree that by my participation in the Program, I hereby assume all risks, and responsibility from my voluntary participation in the Program.


6.  I agree to absolve and not hold responsible PBHALL, the Volunteer Doctors, Chef, restaurant owners or any other person associated with the Program for any losses, injuries, mishaps, medical issues and/or any other consequences of my decision to participate in the Program as per details mentioned above.

7.  I understand and acknowledge that PBHALL and/or the any other person associated with the Program reserves the right to stop, cancel or postpone the Program at their absolute discretion due to any unforeseen circumstances without owing any liability to me in any manner whatsoever.

8.  PBHALL is not obligated to provide any compensation in connection with my participation in the Program.

9.  I hereby agree that PBHALL may collect, obtain, store and process my personal data that I may provide as a result of my participation in the Program.

10.  I agree and grant permission to PBHALL to use my photos, any testimonials regarding the Program, any parts of my daily recording and the health improvement data obtained by PBHALL for health awareness-building purposes without being liable for any charges to me.

- End of the document -


© 2020 by Plant Based Health Alliance

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